Welcome to our beautiful and beloved club. Please help us keep it that way by picking up after yourself and taking your trash home with you.

You carried it in, so you carry it out.

The good folks who volunteer their time to mow should not have to stop and pick up debris that could damage the mower or otherwise be thrown by the mower.

Work Party

November 2020: Now that big game hunting season has begun, there are no work parties scheduled for the 500 yard range. You may please continue picking up the 100 yard, 50 yard and pistol ranges.

10-16-2020: As per meeting last night, Joe will plan to have another work party at the target/impact area of the 500 yard range.


Work Party Saturday Oct 24th, 9am

Park in the main parking area near the cluhouse.
JP and Mike West will cook hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch.
Don’t worry if you do not have a chainsaw to bring as we could use several helpers to assist each person with a chainsaw.
In the event a surplus of volunteers show up, we can divide into multiple groups so that we do not have too many people too close to each other.
If you have a pole saw, you may help cut branches in the roadway from the clubhouse to the dry creek to help open up the roadway.
Perhaps one or more groups could start cutting the blue painted trees from impact area to the dry creek.
Links to videos below.
9-19-2020 Clubhouse to dry creek Notice the bushy branches in the roadway that need to be cleared back as you get closer to the dry creek. There are many piles of brush along this road from efforts in recent years to open up and clear this roadway.
9-19-2020 Dry creek to 500 target/impact area. Notice the many trees with blue spray paint to clear a roadway. Will need at least 10 feet wide roadway for an 8 foot wide excavator to get to the impact area.
9-19-2020 Ron and Jeff review the 500 yard range impact area. Piles of firewood with no access yet for pickup truck.
9-19-2020 More discussion at 500 yard target/impact area.
9-19-2020 Back to the clubhouse. Notice the bushy branches in the roadway that need to be cleared back.
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Winter 2017 work party:

Fred is calling for a work party at 9am Saturday 12/23/2017.

1.1 Need help cleaning up the rifle/pistol ranges after inconsiderate folks who disobey the signs to respect the ranges and fail to take their trash home with them. Update: Fred, Greg, Dave and John picked up soggy papers and cardboard as well as shot-up bits of plastic bottles and remnants of destroyed wooden target holders.

1.2 Need help fixing the trap 1 door that is hanging by one hinge. Fred has already tried a certain type of concrete anchor and it pulled right out, so will try a more heavy duty style concrete anchor. Update: Greg has examined the door and will come up with a plan to secure present hinge or perhaps a new hinge design to the concrete.

1.3 Air vent for plumbing needs hot water poured into it to attempt to clear it. Update: Jeff has poured hot water down the vent pipe and successfully listened to the gurgling sound of water properly draining down the pipe.


Spring 2017 work party:

Per discussion at last board meeting, we first need a list of work items before we schedule a work party.

Please respond here and/or contact Fred at 373-1461 if you are interested in helping or have more ideas to expand the below list.

Here is the list in progress:
1. Dig to find septic cover. Update: Septic cover has been found and septic tank has been pumped out by Bob.
2. Pick up trash on grounds. Update: This is a recurring chore to regularly pick up after inconsiderate folks who fail to take their trash and debris home with them.
3. Clean out shell graves.
4. Clean up ranges.
5. Put firewood in shelter.
6. Wash windows of clubhouse.
7. Clean cob webs from clubhouse.
8. Sweep clubhouse.
9. Mop clubhouse.
10. Paint child size picnic table.
11. Cut branches and cut/pull saplings and weeds from sides of main driveway.
12. Cut saplings and brush from sides of the lower road to skeet field and to 300 yard bench.
13. Climb on roof to inspect for leak in roof.
14. Cut and install T111 siding above the doors to the pistol storage shed.
15. Repair and paint the wooden “cannon”. Portions of the carriage/frame are rotted and need replacement. The cannon barrel itself it hard/solid ok, but needs cracks filled in, then painted over.
16. Pond drain needs to be cleared for proper drainage. (beavers keep plugging it up).