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Using our clubhouse and one pistol range at the Greene Rod and Gun Club, Rochester Personal Defense offers pistol training to upgrade your pistol permit. Upon completion of the class you will be able to visit the county clerks office with your certificate for completing the RPD class and file for an amendment/duplicate pistol permit to have the words such as “for target practice and for hunting” removed from your permit. You must surrender your original pistol permit with the restrictions printed on it. Some folks refer to this as “full carry” or “Concealed Carry” credentials. Others may refer this this as having the restrictions removed.

To find out more information about classes offered at Greene Rod and Gun club, as well as other types of classes RPD offers at other venues, visit


or contact

Lead Instructor – Michael H. Chalson

Contact Phone Number (607) 343-3099



A friendly note from the Greene Rod and Gun Club board of directors to club members that are not paid students: During a class, consider the clubhouse to be open for access to the bathrooms and kitchen (to get a soda or ice tea) during an RPD classroom session. Please make minimal noise to minimize disruption to the class. In addition to setting up target stands, Mike will display a sign in the pistol range selected by RPD, so please do not use that particular range or disturb the setup. If shooting in one of the nearby ranges, especially a loud high power firearm, please no rapid fire since it becomes difficult for the instructors to communicate with the students during the live fire portion of the training. The best time to fire is when you hear the students firing.


Click here for schedule to view available open slots and to sign up online.

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As of 1/15/2016, the RPD dates listed on the 2016 calendar at the Greene Clubhouse are as follows:

January 16 Saturday     (Full Carry)

January 17 Sunday       (Full Carry)

February 13 Sunday   (Full Carry)

March 13 Sunday (Full Carry)

March 19th Saturday (Full Carry)

April 10 Sunday            (Full Carry)

April 16 Saturday           (CCW-2)

April 17 Sunday             (CCW-3)

April 23 Saturday    (Full Carry)

May 7 Saturday            (Full Carry)

May 8th Sunday        (Full Carry)

June 4 Saturday           (Full Carry)

July 10 Sunday             (Full Carry)

August 6 Saturday        (Full Carry)

August 20 Saturday       (CCW-2)

August 21 Sunday         (CCW-3)

September 3 Saturday (Full Carry)

October 1 Saturday      (Full Carry)

October 15 Saturday      (CCW-2)

October 16 Sunday        (CCW-3)

November 12 Saturday (Full Carry)

December 10 Saturday (Full Carry)


This page update 2/25/2016 by Jeff C. to add the March 19th added date.

This page updated 3/5/2016 by Jeff C. to add 2 dates, 4/23 and 5/8. Also added friendly note from board of directors.