Welcome to our beautiful and beloved club. Please help us keep it that way by picking up after yourself and taking your trash home with you.

You carried it in, so you carry it out.

The good folks who volunteer their time to mow should not have to stop and pick up debris that could damage the mover or otherwise be thrown by the mower.



IDPA Pistol match at Greene Rod and Gun Aug 11th, 2018.


Update: Scores are posted! 19 die hard hand gunners stayed to shoot the match despite a steady drizzle for most of the match. The rain stopped and the sun started to come out for the last few shooters of the last stage. Thank you all for a successful match!

Update Sat 7:30am. Woke up to a drizzle rain. Yes, I will be there. The radar looks like a spotty system will move out in a couple hours, so the ground will be wet for sure. We can make a group decision when we get there and check the radar around 9:30 to see if we want to delay an hour.

Update as of Friday 9:30 PM, three more shooters have registered for a total of 21 preregistered. THANK YOU! preregistration helps reduce some of the chaos and madness the morning of the match.
Here is the tally on lunch feedback. 9 shooters indicate unable to stay for lunch. 12 shooters indicate Yes, will stay for lunch. I have enough rolls and cold cut turkey to make 16 sandwiches. I have 2 packs of hot dogs and buns to make 16. Soda in the fridge for $1 each.
Weather predictions same as the 2pm update below.
All the stands and sticks are out and in place along with barrels. Will set up the mechanical movers in the morning and staple the cardboard up.
Update as of Friday 2pm, We have 18 shooters registered and squadded on Pactiscore. shows cloudy 70 to 74 degrees. shows we might get a shower at 10am. shows 50% chance of thunderstorm, but does not say exactly when.

IDPA pistol match this Saturday Aug 11th. Register and select your squad on Practiscore.…/register