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Pistol Permit

Pick up  pistol permit application packet at the Chenango County Clerks office, which is directly next to the DMV office in Norwich.

If you are interested in knowing the contents of the application package, here is scanned PDF of a packet that was picked up from the Norwich County Clerk on 3-30-2016. Scanned image of 7 sheet Pistol Permit Application packet, picked up 3-30-2016 from Norwich County Clerk

Update: scanned image of 6 sheet (12 pages) packet from Norwich County Clerk. Chenango County Pistol permit application, 1_24_2018, 12 pages (6 sheets)


For Chenango County Residents, click here to learn more about the pistol permit process. then click on PISTOL PERMITS on the left side menu.

In the event the Chenango County web site is down, the following are duplicate documents normally available on the county site.

Chenango County court directive regarding pistol permit policy, Jan 2, 2013 This is the cover letter of the packet. Be advised, the packet picked up from the county clerk on 3-30-2016 has a new cover letter dated Jan 7, 2016. The County web site still has the old Jan 2, 2013 cover letter. The changes that I see as follows: Phone numbers removed, Court Attorney is now Barry J. Fitzgerald. A full sentence related to the safety lock restraint have been removed and the language in the other sentence has changed from required to recommended. The word “upgrade” is now used and the word “privilege” has been removed, with respect to having “HUNTING AND TARGET SHOOTING” restrictions removed.

Chenango County, How to apply for pistol permit, 6-16-2015 This sheet was not included in the packet picked up on 3-30-2016, so be warned that some of this info perhaps might be out of date. As of 4/23/2016 this is still on the county web site.

Approved Safety Courses, 12-2015 Chenango County This was not part of the packet picked up on 3-30-2016, but is available from the County web site. (archive, older version from June 2015 here Chenango County list of pistol course instructors, 6-30-2015)

Chenango County Pistol Permit holder procedures and responsibilities, 6-16-2015 This was not part of the application packet picked up on 3-30-2016, so this appears to be instructions once you have your permit. Same version available on the County web site as of 4-23-2016.

NYS Firearms License request for public records exemption This was not part of the application packet picked up on 3-30-2016 and is still on the County web site as of 4-23-2016. I recommend submitting this to avoid your name being listed by an anti-gun newspaper, as they have done in the past.


Here is a link to the NYS pistol permit form. This is the same document as sheets 6 and 7 of the 7 sheet application packet.

In the event the web site is down, here is a PDF copy. PPB-3 NYS pistol permit application find revision date (REV. 03/11) near the top center of the document. The packet picked up from the county clerk on 3/30/2016 has two duplicate blank copies printed on heavy paper, 0.00725 thick (4 sheets of card stock measured 0.029″ combined thickness).

This page revised by Jeff C. 4/23/2016