Welcome to our beautiful and beloved club. Please help us keep it that way by picking up after yourself and taking your trash home with you.

You carried it in, so you carry it out.

The good folks who volunteer their time to mow should not have to stop and pick up debris that could damage the mower or otherwise be thrown by the mower.

Range Rules

General Rifle Range Rules

1.Range use is on a first come, first serve basis, open from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Do not use vehicle headlights on rifle and pistol ranges to shoot after dark. Trap shooting with lighting system is allowed until 9pm.

2. ANSI Z87.1 rated or better protection for eyes and 21db NRR or better protection for ears required for all persons on the range, shooters and spectators.

3. Be sure range is clear before shooting. Do not climb over the side berms while one or more adjacent ranges are in use. Skeet and trap fields closed when 300 yard range is in use. Use/update sign at road when start/end use of 300 yard range. Pond is closed during IDPA match.

4. Know and obey all range commands.

5. Know where others are at all times.

6. Shoot ONLY authorized targets. No glass! No exploding targets. No propane tanks. No objects that will shatter into fragments that may become difficult or dangerous to pick up. Shoot into backstops ONLY! PICK UP YOUR TRASH AND TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU.

7. Ground level targets are only allowed with a proper backstop. This will reduce the possibility of ricochets and projectiles escaping the safety fan.

8. Designate a range officer when none is present or assigned.

9. Unload, open action, remove magazine and ground and/or bench all firearms during a ceasefire.

10. DO NOT handle ANY firearm or stand at the firing line when firearms are present while others are down range.

11. Always keep the muzzle pointed downrange at the backstop. Never allow the muzzle to point in any direction whereby an inadvertent discharge would allow the escape of a projectile into an outer area.

12. Hanging steel targets in the pistol ranges are reserved for pistol caliber to minimize creating pits, craters and holes. Stay back 10 yards or more with pistol to reduce risk of being hit by splatter. Hanging steel on the 100 yard range must remain at the 100 yard berm. Do not move the steel target closer. DO NOT shoot the frames holding the hanging steel. DO NOT use steel core ammo on steel targets. You will be held responsible for cost of replacement.

13. Keep shooting area clean and free of obstacles. Sweep up spent brass. Use magnet device to pick up empty steel cases, including shotgun hulls. TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU. Leave the range as good or better than how you found it. Remove any objects that may damage lawn mower or be thrown by lawn mower. Be helpful and appreciative of the person volunteering to mow. He/she should not bear the additional burden of picking up after others.

14. One or more burn barrels are provided for burning paper, cardboard and unpainted wood. Do not burn plastic, Styrofoam, painted wood or other trash that creates a black unpleasant smelling smoke.  Do not dump trash in the burn barrel, especially if unsure if live rounds may or may not be contained in trash. Do not throw live rounds in trash or burn barrels. Do not burn when a town/county burn ban is in effect.

15. ANY infraction is subject to dismissal.

16. Membership cards are to be shown when asked by a member in good standing.

17. No driving on range.




Here is an example of what NOT to do. An inconsiderate person clearly shooting at target frame with intent to damage and destroy it. Do not shoot at the frames holding the hanging steel targets. This shows no appreciation for the time and effort put in to making these features for the general membership to enjoy. Also notice the debris and mess left behind on the ground by inconsiderate people that have no regard for the volunteers that must take time away from their families and other interests to pick up after others. Pick up after yourself and take your trash with you.

Apr 11, 2015, target frame, several holes, intent to damage


Here is an example of what not to do. An inconsiderate person drove onto one of the pistol ranges creating several deep ruts. This shows no regard for the volunteers that must take time away from their work and families to repair such damage.

Apr 11, 2015, driving on range caused deep ruts, 3