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Mail Chimp

As of 8-15-2022, we have 53 mailchimp subscribers.


As of 5/4/2022, we have 28 subscribers.

A subscriber can return to update their information. At the bottom of e-mail, click on “Update your preferences”, then a window pops up to select “Email me a link”. Follow the instructions and you can return to update your information.

As of July 1, 2022, I have stopped growing MS Outlook groups for bulk e-mail. New members must subscribe on mailchimp to get monthly email. Existing members will have a year to get subscribed on mailchimp because I will plan to discontinue MS Outlook e-mail groups (A thru D, E thru J, K thru P and R thru Z) by July 1, 2023 (or sooner if I continue have issues with Spectrum and Outlook). Despite scheduled outgoing delivery 1 hour apart, July 2022 was a terrible month with all 4 groups “jammed up” such that each outgoing group e-mail “stuck” in my outbox with failure to send error. Meanwhile, recipients report back to me that they are receiving multiple duplicate e-mail messages. On my side, MS Outlook shows message was not sent, so I cannot be sure any messages truly sent out. Conversely, Mailchimp works on the first try and I do not need to split up into multiple sub-groups.