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Rust protection

IDPA pistol matches are subject to cancellation if the weather and range conditions are deemed to be unsafe. We do not want a shooter to slip and fall with a loaded gun. There are times when we will deem the conditions to be safe and have the match during a light rain or passing shower. The following information about rust prevention should also help hunters that take their guns out in the rain.



Here is an old thread from 2010 that performs a semi-scientific head-to-head study of several gun oils for rust protection.


Click here—>. Which lube protects the best.


In summary, if you plan to leave your gun out in the elements for 14 days, the two best choices are:

-Slip 2000 EWL
An honorable mention of -BF Collector Oil for taking third place after 10 days showing significant results over other oils.

Outdoor test after 10 days:

Outdoor test after 14 days.

The walk of shame, in this test, belongs to -Bob Marvel Custom Oil (Spikes Tactical). This oil was the first to show rust in the outdoor test on the second day. It also was the worst in the indoor test and appears to show more rust than the unprotected steel after 5 months. Note: his indoor test was NOT inside his desiccant protected gun safe, but rather protected by his bilco doors that lead to his basement. He was concerned the test would take too long inside his gun safe.
Indoor test after 5 months.