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Dick Post Memorial

55Richard (Dick) Post Memorial trap shoot

Sunday July 26th, 2015

The Greene Rod and Gun Club and the family of Dick Post are hosting a chicken shoot in memory of Dick Post on Sunday July 26th. Bring your best Posty story.

 8:00 am Breakfast

9:00am Practice and Chicken shoot

Dick Post

Dick was a welcome fixture at most of the trap clubs in Chenango County, sometimes even showing up on his motorcycle.

He knew mostly everyone, and everyone knew and liked him. If he didn’t recognize someone he would say, “You are either a shooter or you spent time in prison”, because as most would know, he retired from the New York State Corrections as a Sargent.

Dick was an exceptional shooter. He loved to hunt, shoot trap &¬†skeet and collect guns. He kept busy buying, selling and trading many guns over the years. As a matter of fact, there is a longstanding joke among shooters, “If you lived and shot in Broome or Chenango County, at one time or another you probably owned a Dick Post gun”.

Never a jealous bone in his body, he was always happy when people shot well and was a great promoter of our sport. He was always congratulating people with a handshake, sometimes saying “I hope you live one hundred years and I never die”.

He always had a smile on his face for all – we will miss him greatly.


Update 7/27/2015: Thank you to all for making this a successful event. Even the weather cooperated nicely. Many pictures were taken, so we hope to have them posted here soon.


Here are the results of the chicken shoot (trap shoot). 7-27-2015 Dick Post Chicken Shoot