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2019 Ham and Cheese Shoot

SAVE THE DATE! April 7th, 2019. We will be doing something special for our “First Sunday of the Month” trap shoot and breakfast.

2019 Hamandcheese_shoot_A

2019 Hamandcheese_shoot_A

Greene Rod and Gun Club is planning a trap, 5-stand and Lucky-X shoot for prizes. Prizes will include hams from Sweeney’s market in Apalachin, NY

and sharp cheese from Cuba Cheese in Cuba NY.


We will plan to run the following events:


Trap shooting on both trap 1 and trap 2 trap fields. Sign up for a squad of 5 shooters. $5 entry fee for ham prize. $4 entry fee for cheese prize. Shoot 2 rounds from each station, total of 10 rounds (not counting ammo for shoot-off).


Trap 1 field: A squad of high skill shooters will shoot from 21 yard line on trap 1 to reduce or eliminate shoot-offs. If 2 or more shooters are tied in first 10 rounds, the first shooter chooses location and distance for shoot-off from at least the 27 yard line or up to 40 yards.


Trap 2 field: Non-ATA and novice shooters will shoot on trap 2 at 21 yards. High skilled shooters will be sent from trap 2 to trap 1. Expect to be questioned if you have an expensive trap gun and sign up for trap 2.


5-stand (on the skeet field). Squad of 5 shooters. Shoot 2 rounds from each of 5 stations (10 rounds). Shoot-off rules TBD. Shoot-off might include doubles, so a single shot gun is not recommended.


Lucky-X. Squad of 10 shooters. Entrance fee $3. Club will provide 12 gauge bird shot ammo. (20 gauge TBD). One shell per person. NO SLUGS! Depending on the backlog of shooters waiting to sign up, it may be permissible for one person to sign up more than once on a squad (limit TBD) and shoot from more than 1 station. 25 yard distance and shooting positions will be marked to form a shooting line. Stationary paper target has a picture of a turkey head. The paper target will include a small circle with an X. The target with a pellet hole closest to the X is the winner.

Lucky X turkey target with dime and ruler

Splatter board. Sign your name on one of many colored dots on a paper plate. When all the circles are sold, one skilled shooter will shoot one bird shot at the plate from 25 yards. The adhesive dot with the most pellet holes is the winner.


I will plan to print labels for each prize and matching/duplicate labels to apply to each squad sheet to keep the chaos a little organized so we can better keep track of how many prizes are remaining. If we are successful in awarding all the prizes, then we can continue as 50/50 money shoots.




2018 Turkey shoot Nov 4th (002)






Congratulations to all for a successful 2018 Turkey shoot at the Greene Rod and Gun Club!

I hope that each of you would please write down both the good and the bad things so we can learn from our experience.

Please send me your examples where things could have been done better and your ideas how it could be improved.

Please also send me your examples where things went well and we should continue to do the same in the future.

I have a list of my own ideas that I will attempt to compile with all other ideas and share with the group later.

Thank you!

Jeff Chimileski