Welcome to our beautiful and beloved club. Please help us keep it that way by picking up after yourself and taking your trash home with you.

You carried it in, so you carry it out.

The good folks who volunteer their time to mow should not have to stop and pick up debris that could damage the mover or otherwise be thrown by the mower.

Turkey Shoot

2018 Turkey shoot Nov 4th (002)




Congratulations to all for a successful 2018 Turkey shoot at the Greene Rod and Gun Club!

I hope that each of you would please write down both the good and the bad things so we can learn from our experience.

Please send me your examples where things could have been done better and your ideas how it could be improved.

Please also send me your examples where things went well and we should continue to do the same in the future.

I have a list of my own ideas that I will attempt to compile with all other ideas and share with the group later.

Thank you!

Jeff Chimileski